Telemarketing Data

The pitfalls of inaccurate telemarketing data are well documented; poor quality telemarketing data creates a bad impression of your company to your potential customers and leaves you on the back foot when making a sales call using contact information that is out of date.

Having detailed business data before you make your first call is a real advantage. Up-to-date, high quality and detailed telemarketing data can mean the difference between call success or call failure.

By using opt in, high quality data you can easily target new customers, sell effectively, compete with your competitors and develop new opportunities.

Our regularly updated telemarketing data enables you to achieve effective marketing campaigns by reaching the executive decision makers to generate new business.

Having fully updated telemarketing data is essential to reduce call costs and to boost your company’s reputation.

High Quality, Opt In Telemarketing Data

We provide bespoke, high quality data for the various requirements of our clients. We hold comprehensive telemarketing lists for hundreds of industries including manufacturers, solicitors, doctors, retailers, builders and many more. We can also provide you with telemarketing data lists direct to your specifications – with countless different combinations of data, assembled with your company’s needs in mind.

Identify the decision makers you need to target with our telemarketing data selection options including business sector, SIC code, location, executive title, company size and turnover.

Access our comprehensive telemarketing data:

  • 2.5 million business records
  • 3 million contact names
  • 160,000 validation calls a month