Fleet Data

It is vital to ensure the fleet data you use is of the highest quality, anything less and you risk jeopardising the success of your whole campaign, this is where we can help.

With our campaign ready fleet data you can be sure your marketing will reach the right person. It’s been researched and captured through our in house contact centre operations, to identify and verify the makeup of each organisations fleet and most importantly, the person responsible for purchasing vehicles and automotive services.

Our industry-leading fleet data is fully verified and updated on an ongoing basis. Each fleet data record is checked individually to ensure that the organisation, fleet size, type, location and importantly the current key fleet buying contact is accurately captured.

You will receive information that includes the number of cars, vans and trucks preferring financing methods and fuel card details together with much needed intelligence to fine tune your prospecting.

Our targeted fleet data enables you to choose from many combinations of fleet criteria, such as the size and make-up of each fleet allowing targeting of fleet decision makers and by any combination of fleet structure. Fleet data targeting is made more effective by selecting from any combination of trading activity, number of employees either on site or nationally, geographical sorting, decision maker and contact details, plus many other options.

With the current economic climate, now is not the time to waste valuable time, energy and money due to poor quality fleet data. Buy our targeted fleet data now to maximise your campaign and generate new business.

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