To sell effectively to the construction industry, you need to be in possession of some good quality construction data. Having all the information about the company you are contacting at your fingertips puts you in an extremely advantageous position and any contact that you then make is much more likely to result in a sale.

If don’t do the research on your sales lead before you call or email them, there’s a high chance that you won’t know enough details about the company you’ve contacted to gain a sense of trust from them and consequently you won’t be able to convince them that your product or service is any good. There’s also a high risk that you won’t even be speaking to the right person!

Using a professional construction data service not only ensures that you’re not wasting your own time and money by speaking to people who are not authorised to make any decisions, but also provides you with extensive details on all the construction businesses in the UK. Think how much time you’ll save, looking for leads and also researching them!

We are a leading low-cost provider of construction data. We service every business sector and have 2.5 million business records and 3 million contact names on our database. The information you receive will include locality, size of business, the names and contact details of the decision-makers, turnover, spend and type of industry ie builders, tradesmen, plastering companies, roofing companies etc. Our database is kept up to date by making 160,000 validation checks every month, to make sure that the info we provide you with is current and useful. We are so certain of the quality of the data they provide, we will guarantee that 95% of the phone numbers they provide will deliver you to the lead.

Another great feature of the information we offer is the flexibility of it. You can filter the construction data you are given to provide you with highly targeted leads. Supposing you want to sell bricks to bricklayers in Cheshire, you will be able to sort the information accordingly. This simple task will save you even more time and money. Our friendly team will be on hand to talk you through the filtering system if you have any questions.

So rather than spending an enormous amount of time finding potential sales leads and gathering information about them, wouldn’t it be far quicker and easier to let us send you the exact construction data you need (ie all the sales leads in the UK who might be interested in your business). We’ll send this data directly to your inbox, in whatever format you prefer.

Don’t be put off if you’ve already started gathering your own data, because we can finish the job for you very cost-effectively, whilst ensuring that we don’t create duplicates. Outsourcing this work, cannot fail to save you money and time.

So please email us today and find out how quickly we can provide you with a list of everybody in the UK who is waiting to buy from you.