Having detailed information about potential sales prospects can give your company a huge advantage over your competitors. Whether your chosen marketing method is cold calling, direct mailing or internet marketing, having an accurate marketing database can mean the difference between success or failure.

Our marketing database consists of over 2.5 million UK companies and with 160,000 updates processed each month, is one of the most accurate marketing databases available. Our marketing database services can be merged easily into an existing marketing campaign, or used to launch an entirely new one.

With many different combinations of data fields to choose from you can obtain filtered results depending on your company’s needs. Each record in our marketing database is individually checked to make sure that you receive only the most accurate marketing data.

When you purchase a marketing database from us, you are not just buying a list of names or telephone numbers, you are enabling your company to be ahead of the crowd.

Our marketing database is constantly updated giving you access to substantial data to help you to create the perfect marketing campaign. Our comprehensive marketing database includes: geographical area, business size, type and sector, key personnel and decision makers, number of employees and financial data. We can provide you with a marketing database with countless different filtering options, assembled with your company’s requirements in mind.

Please contact our data specialists to discuss your company’s requirements or for more information on integrating our marketing databases into your current marketing campaigns.