In such a competitive marketplace, how can you sell to the financial services industry effectively and beat your competitors? The answer is to outsource your leads from It’s a simple action that will save you money and greatly increase your working efficiency.

The key to your success in any marketing campaign lies in the preparation you make beforehand. Before you sit down to start calling or emailing your list of potential customers, take a look at the financial services data that you’re armed with. Do you have all the relevant details you need? Are you sure that the contact names you’ve got are for the chief decision-makers? Before you speak to the people on your list do you know where their companies are located, how many employees they have or even how much money they might have available to spend on the service or product you’re promoting? If not, you should consider not just how ineffective your phone call or email will be, but also how potentially damaging to the reputation of your business this unplanned sales approach is.

There is a solution to minimising the risk of making a damaging or time-wasting phone call, whilst maximising the chances of getting a sale. That solution is to make sure that you have good quality financial services data. Knowing all about the company you’re speaking to and demonstrating that knowledge to them, is a great way to get them to inspire trust in you as a salesperson and confidence in your products. However, getting hold of the relevant information about each company you call is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Imagine if you could get your hands on a list of all the companies involved in the UK financial services industry, which included all the necessary details about their individual business?

That’s where comes in handy. With our data services, you are guaranteed impressive results. We make 160,000 verification checks per month to ensure that out data is clean and up to date. If you’ve got a very effective list of leads to work from, nearly 100% of the people you contact will be your exact target audience. The more effective your list, the more conversions you’ll get and if you’re calling everyone on your list, you’ll get it through it in a fraction of the time it would have taken for you to sift your original self-produced and possibly unqualified data.

To get hold of our financial services data, give our friendly team a call. Let them know in what format you’d like it delivered to your email inbox and they’ll give you a few tips on filtering the data, should you need them. The filtering system, allows you to find your precise targeted demographic very easily. Supposing, for example, you want to your market your services to mortgage advisers in Kent because you make websites in the South East and and you can offer IT support to companies within a 60 mile radius, you would simply filter your data to provide you with the exact results you need.

If you think your company would benefit by outsourcing your data, cutting both the time and money you spend on researching your leads, we’ll be able to help you.