If accountants are the target audience for the product you’re selling, or the services you’re offering, then let me suggest a really simple way to collect accountants data for all practising accountants in the UK. Www.ukbusinessdata.co.uk are a premium data collection company and what they don’t have on their databases, isn’t worth knowing!

For a very competitive price, they can provide you with a list of everything you need to know about each UK accountancy firm, including the decision-makers, financial data about each company, contact details and number of employees. Having access to this information will not only help you widen your audience, but also refine them to suit your specific needs

If you’re looking for customers to buy your accountancy-specific websites or IT support, wouldn’t it be great to know the potential IT spend of each accountant in the UK? If you’re in the recruitment business and looking to place your accountancy candidates in employment, would it be a help to gain an insight into which firms have an employment need and would therefore be receptive to your offers? It would save you a lot of time, money and manpower, wouldn’t it?

Our accountants data reserve is enormous, completely up to date and capable of being filtered in a number of different ways. If you want to promote your products and services to accountants who are within easy reach of your headquarters, you can sort the data we provide geographically. This means that when you make the call or send the email, you can rest assured that not only are you speaking to the right person, but also that their office is within a 50 mile radius of yours!

It’s not just accountancy information we provide, we have access to 2.5 million business email addresses. If you’re in the business of approaching accountants to promote your business, or you’ve been gathering accountants data for marketing purposes, you will have experienced how time-consuming the process is. You’ll also understand the importance of having researched a company before you contact them too. If you let us deliver this service for you at a relatively low cost, with our high quality leads, your time can be better spent elsewhere. We can add to any data you’ve already collected whilst ensuring no duplicates are created.

The quality of the information we provide is excellent. We invest a lot of time updating our data. We make 160,000 verification calls every month! In this way we can guarantee great results. The delivery rates on the telephone numbers we provide are 95% effective. Once you receive our data and find that you’re suitably impressed by the enormous amount of time our data services have saved you, you might also be interested in our email marketing services, which are designed to make even more efficiency savings for you.