The benefits of acquiring high quality B2B restaurant data

If you work in the B2B sector, supplying restaurants, you’ll know exactly how hard it is to get your marketing materials to the right person. Restaurants open and close at a surprising rate, most of them failing within the first year and, of the rest, only 70% surviving another three. Even worse, the contacts you need to communicate with are continually moving from restaurant to restaurant. It can be a difficult task just to get the mail-out you’ve spent so long working on to the right place, let alone the key contact.

Failing to get up-to-date contact data for your business can be a costly affair. Wasted printing costs, money spent on postage and the expense of employing people to produce and post the literature can be a drain on finances and resources – as can calling all those contacts and finding dead telephone lines or people who don’t know who you are answering the phone at the other end.
At its worst, a well thought out marketing campaign can fall flat on its face because the target simply isn’t where you thought it was; and this can have a catastrophic impact on your sales.

We Are Here to Help

Here at UK Business Data, our aim is to make sure that companies who supply restaurants have the right information to make their campaigns work. We do this by providing our clients with the highest quality B2B restaurants data lists. Even though businesses open and close and people move on, we can still guarantee that our up-to-date lists will be 85% accurate on email addresses and 95% accurate on telephone numbers and mailing data.

Receive Relevant, Up To Date Data

Not only that, we make sure that the information you get is relevant. You will get the names and contact information of the key decision makers in the restaurant businesses you are targeting and, if it is available, you’ll get background information on the restaurants too, such as the number of employees and turnover.

We are able to provide this level of service because we constantly update our restaurants data list. We make 160,000 calls a month to verify that the information we provide is current and relevant to our clients, checking whether key personnel have changed and monitoring how businesses are performing.

As a result, we provide our clients with hand-built, duplicate-free, customised data orders and get them to you within hours of your order, ready formatted. So, if you supply restaurants and need the highest quality, up to the minute business data to help your sales and marketing, get in touch and see how UK Business Data can help you succeed.