How to improve your email marketing click through rates

headerAs businesses, we spend a great deal of time and money on creating email campaigns – but how effective are yours? Are potential customers clicking through to your website, or are your emails missing the mark and failing to drive sales for your business?

Email marketing has plenty of benefits, offering the ability to reach hundreds of customers quickly and easily, with overheads that are tiny compared to those of traditional postal mailings. However, if the customers that you’re targeting aren’t engaging with your campaign by clicking on the links that it contains, the time and effort you put into it could still be wasted.

Improving click-through rates with B2B data

email marketing graphicWith targeted business to business (B2B) data, you could help justify those email campaigns by ensuring that the accounts which receive your emails are high quality, increasing your conversions and improving sales.

At UK Business Data, we can offer you top quality email data lists that meet the specific needs of your business, whatever those may be.

On average, just over 10% of people open an email after reading its title, while just 2% actually click a link in the mailing to go through to a website. By using great data that our team is constantly updating, your business can blow those odds out of the water!

woman on laptop graphicWe can provide detailed reports on click-throughs, opening rates, subscriber numbers and sales relating to an email, allowing you to tailor your campaign precisely and get tangible results in the form of click-through rates and subsequent sales.

Of course, you can always boost your click-through rates by simply increasing the number of addresses that you send emails to, but this could result in only a small boost in sales or click-throughs as the addresses you’re targeting won’t be the right people for your business.

tablets-phone-report graphicjAn email mail-out that uses poor quality data can result in wasted resources, poor team morale, damage to your brand and a low return on investment. Make sure your data is top-notch and purchase it from us; our email databases can be used for up to 12 months after you make your purchase, allowing you to plan campaigns for the next year.

Wave goodbye to expensive and ineffective email marketing today by buying B2B data through UK Business Data. Call us today on 01254 311108 for more information.