If you are trying to market a product or service that is aimed at businesses in the manufacturing sector, you will probably already realise that it is vital to communicate with the key decision maker within the company.

To create an effective marketing campaign, you will need to contact as many individual businesses as possible, and this is where wea can give you a real head start over your competitors. Our data is extracted from a wide variety of sources, and we then run a number of checks and procedures to make sure that all names and contact information is correct and accurate. Some ‘bargain’ providers may simply throw huge lists of data at you without any real verification, resulting in wasted calls, time and sales energy. We provide this service in an entirely different manner, giving you the edge that you need to increase sales.

Manufacturing data packages that are tailored to the needs of your business.

When you order manufacturing data through ukbusinessdata.co.uk, it can be customised to meet the exact requirements for your product and target audience. If you are only interested in contacting companies within a certain regional area, we can filter the information accordingly. These details can also be sorted into different business sectors that are related to manufacturing (such as CNC, milling or steelwork) – our data consultants are on hand to discuss your exact requirements. Our services are already trusted by a large number of companies across the UK, and we also suppress previous orders to make sure that repeat customers are not presented with identical information.

Manufacturing data that is designed to get you results.

As we have already mentioned, we do not believe in simply providing you with huge amounts of unverified information. Although many data companies boast an extremely low cost per lead, they may not be performing comprehensive monthly updates to ensure that this information is current – ukbusinessdata is different. We make over 160,000 verification calls per month to ensure that wasted time and effort is kept to an absolute minimum. We back all of this up with a clear guarantee – we promise that 95% of regular addresses are deliverable, along with 85% of all email addresses. For telephone-based strategies, we guarantee that 95% of all phone numbers reach a contactable destination.

A range of contact information to cover all bases.

At ukbusinessdata, we believe that any type of contact information needs to relevant by providing immediate access to the key decision maker within a business. Manufacturing data providers may boast that they supply email addresses alongside phone numbers, but in reality all they do is cut and paste the ‘contact us’ address from their website – this is the easiest way to be ignored by your target business!

If you would like to find out more about a manufacturing data package our data consultants would be delighted to discuss your requirements.