The UK hotel trade is worth a lot of money and if you’re trying to sell into this lucrative marketplace, you’ll need to make sure that your marketing campaigns are highly effective. Given that the hotel trade is largely seasonal, or at the very least, has set peak periods, it experiences a large staff turnover. Owners often change after a slow season and then when the new owners come in, they’re likely to use new suppliers. This provides both great business opportunities and little job security. The need for such ongoing marketing is quite unique to the trade.

Consider your sales pitch. Are you prepared enough? First impressions count and if you find you’re marketing your product to the wrong person thanks to your out of date contact names list, you’re likely to have hindered your pitch from the off, even if the hotel you’re speaking to is one you’ve supplied previously. The importance of having an up to date hotel data list should not be undermined!

Our company is and we supply good quality and very frequently updated hotel data. We make 160,000 checks a month to ensure that the information we have in our database is current and correct. We are so confident of the data we provide that we will guarantee its deliverability. 95% of the phone numbers we supply will get you to the person you need to speak to and 85% of the business email addresses we provide will do the same.

So, who needs hotel data? There are a whole host of various industries that supply the hotel trade, from laundry, maintenance and catering services to recruitment agencies. As well as the frequency with which hotels change hands, they also tend to have a very high employee turnover. An employee who is laid off for the winter months is often unavailable for the same position the following year and will have found work elsewhere. Hotels also benefit from using recruitment agencies because of the ease with which they can take on more staff when the hotel is operating at a high occupancy rate and lay them off during quiet periods.

This is why it is so essential for suppliers to hotels to maintain current hotels data, which is, in itself, a full time job. By outsourcing this data service to us, you will greatly increase the efficiency of your budget and labour and it will cost you far less than employing a marketing executive to do it for you.

In fact it will save you money, because rather spending time on the arduous task of collecting the data, you can be deployed elsewhere, concentrating on your greatly increased hotel industry sales!

To purchase our hotels data at a very competitive price, please email a member of our friendly team and ask them how much of a saving you could make. They’ll be able to talk you through the data filtering process to ensure that you achieve a bespoke and targeted list, compiled with unrivalled efficiency.