Whether you sell insurance, computers or hamburgers, you need customers to succeed. Once upon a time word-of-mouth was enough, but marketing has come on in leaps and bounds and now more and more companies have turned to B2C data providers to tap into potent new markets that can bring in valuable business.

UK Business Data can help you find the precious needles in the haystack with a database that covers 42 million individuals in 22 million households. We also have regular contact and profiles on 10 million consumers and can help you tailor your B2C campaigns for the best results. If you want to buy B2C data you’re in the right place.

We rely on Experian Consumerview – the definitive marketing profile of the UK population led by the famous credit reference agency. This means we can separate out the potential customers that can make a difference to you. That can be based on demographic, socio-economic or behavioural characteristics and we can advise you from the start, based on our experience, on the best way to narrow your search to the customers that will buy from you.

Of course we can help you communicate with the whole country, but we can do better than that. UK Business Data actively engages with 10 million consumers and uses extensive analysis techniques, honed over years, that help us develop, test and learn from the campaigns we have managed in the past. That helps us to help you, our client, optimise the performance of your next campaign for a better customer experience. All of this combines to give you the best ROI possible.

We analyse all of the millions of calls, emails and SMS messages delivered each month and can make subtle changes to your campaign, recommend the best method and even the right time to deliver your message. All of these factors have a substantial impact on the way the marketing material is received and can help you improve the results of your next B2C marketing campaign.

Our ethos is to constantly analyse our campaigns to identify strengths and weaknesses and continually improve on our performance. We also work tirelessly to generate a constant stream of fresh consumer profiles from a series of websites that provide offers, discounts and competitions. This allows us to find the consumers that are open to marketing campaigns and could prove useful for your next promotion.

We cross-reference the B2C data with our B2B database too. With more than 3 million entries this list is beyond exhaustive and can help you target consumers that are also company directors, for instance, or even exclude certain prospects. This will save you money, focus your campaign and improve your ROI.

As well as all this, UK Business Data scrupulously maintains its list and ensures that it is compliant with the increasingly tight legislation that governs B2C marketing. For instance if a consumer registers with the Telephone Preference Service more than 28 days previous and your company calls them, the Information Commissioner’s Office could be waiting with a large fine. It’s a similar story with the Mail Preference Service and there are a number of suppression files that cover everything from consumers moving house to passing away.

Customers are the lifeblood of any company and often there is only one chance to make a first impression. If you’re looking to buy B2C Data it pays to get it right, it pays to come to UK Business Data.

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