The data you rely on for marketing your business is crucial.

Whether you are looking to open new market or drive new sales in an existing market, marketing by email, post or telephone is a powerful part of any integrated marketing campaign. But to get a first rate result, you need to work with a first rate partner who treats B2B data with respect and works with you to maximise results and your ROI.

Buy B2B data that matches your targets precisely

We do our very best to match your B2B data needs accurately and provide access to the key decision makers you want to target.

For maximum flexibility we allow you to select data by industry, company size, geography, turnover and more including the type of data you need; decision makers, SIC Codes & employee numbers, as well as email, phone numbers & addresses.

Our aim to ensure that B2B data we provide is targeted precisely to your needs to allow you to reach exactly the people you want to talk to you first time, every time and achieve the ROI levels you expect.

We are obsessive about cleanliness

Trusted by companies nationwide and with more than 3 million validated B2B contacts, UK Business Data offers a truly professional solution and a stated aim of supplying the most up to date, quality B2B records in the UK.

To back our aim, our business contact data is cleansed and enhanced daily through a mix of premium data feeds.

Our database of UK B2B companies is updated by 160,000 validation calls every month to ensure that all our records of are top quality and enable us to guarantee – 95% of postal, 85% of email and 95% telephone B2B data will be accurate. One the highest deliverability guarantees in the B2B data industry.

Clean B2B data makes a difference to your ROI

To ensure you maximise your results and ROI, you need to minimise wasted contact – especially if using expensive postal or telephone channels. So aside being assured that the initial B2B data is of the highest quality, you need to be sure that when you buy new B2B data leads you are not buying duplicate data.

This is where we really score because we suppress all previous orders to give you all fresh, new contacts.

And we can deliver targeted leads straight to your in box – in a format of your choice, simply tell us how you’d prefer to receive your data and we will do the rest.

Make our team part of your team

We appreciate how valuable your B2B data is to you, the investment you have made into researching and acquiring it. To help you visualise it properly, we build detailed reports to match against out profiles and deliver the highest quality data insight to support your marketing campaigns.

We also appreciate that sometimes you may wish to use B2B data more than once so we offer single and multiple use options and with our specialised in house data cleansing team you can be assured it is accurate.