In order to achieve marketing success nowadays, it’s important for your business to engage with customers on an individual level, and not just as part of a crowd. The relevance of each proposition you make is paramount, and without this your business runs the risk of wasting marketing investment culminating in poor results.

With ineffective B2C marketing data your campaigns can fall far short of any expectations, you can expect to lose opportunities to generate revenue and ultimately provide a poor standard of customer service.

In economically uncertain times, it’s typical for every penny in the company budget to be under intense levels of scrutiny, which is why getting the most you possibly can out of your marketing spend is of maximum importance. One of the most effective ways of achieving this involves adopting a data-driven approach to marketing by harnessing insightful information stored away in customer data. This can provide you with an opportunity to increase sales throughout the business, witness higher returns from marketing investments and improve the overall experience of your customers.

Researching B2C Marketing Data and finding out more about your customers allows you to target your campaigns with pin-point accuracy – It’s all about engaging with people about products and services relevant to them at the right time, in order to achieve the ultimate result – the perfect customer experience, optimal marketing performance and an improvement on your ROI.

By regularly engaging with huge numbers of consumers each and every month, our success can be attributed to our capacity for transforming big data into valuable, insightful material. Utilising closed-loop techniques to test, develop and learn from our campaigns allows us to continuously improve our client’s campaign outcomes, providing optimum performance. The philosophy of these core ideas can be found across all of our services.

Consumer insights – B2C Marketing Data

Access to respected data sources which provide in-depth profiling for approximately 42 million adults across the UK enables us to segment consumers based upon their age, behavioural characteristics and socio-economic standing into order to successfully ascertain those who are most likely to have a positive reaction to your marketing strategies.

Multichannel approach

By combining Experian consumer data with B2C Marketing data already housed by ourselves, we can provide your business with further layers of customer intelligence. Information gathered from the millions of emails, calls and text messages we send each month can help determine the best time of day to make contact with a potential customer, along with the likelihood of an individual responding in a positive manner to an email or telemarketing campaign.

Lead generation

By constantly generating a stream of fresh consumer and lifestyle profiles via a number of popular consumer-centric websites which gather complete contact detail data sets (including landline, mobile phone, postal address and email), we can further analyse leads to identify propositions.

Business profiling

As owners of business data, we are in the position to be able to combine this with consumer data, allowing us to match consumers with literally thousands of business owners and company directors in our database, which holds the information on millions of UK businesses. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, including helping clients intent on targeting company directors, or excluding consumers within a reasonable distance of main competitors.

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