Why Ecommerce Email Marketing is Still Alive and Kicking!

Old school it may be but email marketing is still a power tool in the marketer’s armoury.

Content marketing may be the precocious new kid on the block, but there are still good reasons to including good old fashioned email marketing into any integrated campaign.

Social media driven inbound marketing relies on producing expensive content and hoping that it excites someone enough to engage. In many ways content marketing shares the same scatter gun approach familiar to marketers with experience of print, TV and radio characterised by the inability to target with any measurable accuracy or tailor messages to the individual.

Measure results, tailor messages target accurately

Email marketing thrives on measurable data offering the ability to target messages very accurately to people who are most likely to be receptive to them. Using metrics and analytics you can learn about individuals then push tailored messages designed specifically to interest and engage with them.

It is important to use a decent email system as this will include data analytics tools that will enable you to measure click through, open and conversion rates enabling you to build on successful strategies and tailor your content, offers and topics to reflect those that are proven to work.

Supporting marketing campaigns

As part of an integrated content marketing campaign, email can be vital to follow-up on an initial engagement; first to thank someone for their interest and then to keep the relationship alive.

Developing and running a content marketing campaign with blogs, articles, webinars and more can be very expensive so once you have engaged with a customer your will want to maximise your ROI and drive repeat sales.

If you run an online wine retail business for example, you can make a special offer to gauge a potential customer’s interest and drive the initial engagement. Once you permission to re-contact them, so called permission marketing, email becomes the most powerful tool in your sales armoury.

Keeping friends is all about good content.

As repeat sales are lower cost than an initial engagement this is where most businesses maximise their ROI. Once permission is granted, email is likely to become the primary channel through which you make offers to entice customers to buy again and relevant content is the key to encouraging them to open your emails, click through to your website and keep the relationship alive.

With a database full of permission-based email addresses, you can keep in touch with your loyal customer market and enjoy increased conversions. The more you learn about your customers; the better messages, products and topics can be tailored to resonate with them and the better offers you make to close repeat sales.

Four ways to maximise ROI from your email marketing

  1. It is important is to segment your database and ensure you target content accurately, make emails as personalised as possible – everyone likes to be treated as an individual.
  2. Be sure that the supporting content and experience, including your website, matches the standard of your email marketing. There is no point in encouraging someone to visit you only to disappoint them when they get there.
  3. There is no ignoring it the world is going mobile, so it is important that all marketing communications whether website or email are maximised for mobile devices if you want to achieve a decent ROI.
  4. Finally including social media buttons that enable your recipients to share easily with others has been proven to increase click thru rate by as much as 115%. The best sale is always a referral sale, make it as easy as possible and you will make more friends.

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