The Future’s Bright for Email Marketing

The economy is finally on the upturn and the future is looking bright for 2010. The recession, although bleak, has taught us to focus our minds when considering our marketing strategies and as such, our attention is locked on to ROI, measurability and speed to market.

The power of email marketing when used as part of an integrated campaign is unparalleled. Not only is it a fast, effective and flexible marketing channel; it’s also a channel that is readily available to all businesses. Equally as effective when used for retention or acquisition purposes; email marketing delivers unrivalled ROI and allows you to maintain a more frequent dialogue with your customers and your potential customers. However, to maintain its effectiveness, relevance is of the utmost importance – both with regard to who is being targeted and the content of the email.

Many businesses have been caught out using poor practices especially in terms of the acquisition of their business data. Don’t be seduced by businesses offering millions of email addresses for less than it would cost you to buy a loaf of bread – these email addresses have often been collected illegally and do not have the relevant levels of permission. Send unsolicited emails to these addresses and you run the risk of being branded a spammer, severely damaging your brand and business reputation and counting the cost of opt outs. Think ‘quality over quantity’ every time.

List quality and selection is a massively important factor in the success of an email campaign and unfortunately it’s a factor that is often overlooked. Your email needs to be targeted and relevant to the business you’re sending it to, it needs to draw the recipient in and make them want to engage with your company – flood the market with millions of emails and you’re on the same level as the Nigerian Princes who keep offering you a percentage of their untold millions!

Today’s markets are increasingly more competitive – it may be difficult to stand out from the crowd using just a single marketing approach. There’s no doubt that email marketing can be a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury, however, consider the power of combining email marketing with other marketing channels such as telemarketing and direct mail. The combined advantages of these individual approaches will outweigh any weaknesses that each may have when used alone. Not only this, you will increase your target audience and subsequently your brand awareness and market share.