The Importance of Using Targeted B2B Telemarketing Data

Current and accurate B2B telemarketing data is the essential key to the success of any telemarketing campaign. You can lose the entire pitch in the opening few seconds of your call if you manage to get the contact name wrong, and with a high staff turnover in so many industries, in this uncertain economic climate, that’s very easy to do.

Arm yourself with the best information

For a successful campaign, you need to make sure you are armed with the best quality information possible and the simplest and most effective way to get hold of this kind of data is by buying it from the professionals.

A leader in B2B telemarketing data, our company is absolutely the best choice for telemarketers. We can provide you not just with all the B2B telemarketing data leads within your given business sector in the UK, but we can also show you how to filter it in order to make your campaign as efficient as possible.

Supposing you wanted to target the financial services industry as a whole and you wanted to approach the campaign logically, completing one area and industry, before moving onto the next, then our data can be sorted to make the task very simple for you. For example, why not start with insurance companies in Cornwall, before moving onto loan companies, lenders and banks in Cornwall. When you’re ready, you could, theoretically speaking, move up country and start tackling all the various financial industries in Devon.

Peace of mind with industry leading deliverability guarantees

Your task will be made easier still by the guaranteed 95% delivery rate on B2B telemarketing data that our company offers.

If you’re already working from a list, let us provide you with new sales leads. We can add leads to your list in their thousands, whilst ensuring that no duplications occur. We’re in the business to save you time, which is why we make 160,000 verification checks monthly. The B2B telemarketing data that we send to you is completely up to date and in the format of your choice. We’ll also cleanse your existing list to make sure your records are updated. All of this delivered directly to your email inbox for a very competitive price!

Providing B2B telemarketing data for companies nationwide

We service most UK industries and the details we can provide about each company will give you an overview of the business you are calling. You’ll be given the contact details, the staffing levels, decision-maker contact details, financial data about the company including turnover and spend. You’ll know whether the company you’re calling is a large corporation or a little local business and this will enable you to deliver a pitch crafted with the customer in mind, which as you know, is the best way to get the message of your product across.

Our B2B telemarketing data services are very easy to get hold of. You simple need to give one of our lovely staff-members a call on 01254 311108. They’ll talk you through it and endeavour to find for you the exact information you require. Alternatively fill in our online quote form and we’ll get right back to you!