Our Top Five Cold Calling Tips

Let’s be honest cold calling is no easy task and there aren’t many people who enjoy interrupting someone’s day in an attempt to gain additional information or sell them something completely out of the blue!

From feeling shy to being easily disappointed everyone has their reasons for not wanting to conduct cold calls. But as a major step in the sales cycle it’s imperative you master the art of cold calling!

Like anything practice makes perfect, therefore the more cold calls you conduct the easier and more confident you’ll become! And if you follow our top five cold calling tips you’ll stand yourself in good stead for the future!

Good Leads

good-leadsAs a salesperson you’re only as good as your leads! You may have the gift of the gab but this will only get you so far, which is why it is incredibly important to conduct thorough research
pinpointing your target market and constructing detailed customer profiles. The more information you obtain the easier it will be to conduct a quality conversation, which will ultimately increase your chances of making a sale! So it pays to do your research!

Know what you’re selling

Similarly it’s equally if not more important to know what you’re selling. Displaying a lack of knowledge will not only kill your chances of a sale but it will also tarnish your reputation! So make sure you know everything there is to know about the service or product you are attempting to sell. Like your customers, the more you know about your products the greater chance you’ll have of completing that elusive sale!

Keep it Simple

keep-simpleDepending on how comfortable you are on the phone a script or list of pointers would be beneficial. Although it’s important you avoid sounding robotic by reading the script word for word, you can rest assured knowing that if the dreaded ‘mind blank’ occurs you’ll have a set of reminders by your side to help you regain your focus.

Make sure you don’t confuse your potential customers, keep things simple and avoid using any jargon or confusing words!

Remember a conversation is a two-way thing

As the old saying goes manners don’t cost anything, so don’t be abrupt or rude! Remember, you need the customers more than they need you, which is why it is important to be polite and friendly when conducting every cold call!

Don’t just have a one-way conversation and overload them with information, ask them open questions, involve them in the discussion and let them have their say! Not only will this allow you to outline any details they may not understand but also it’s a fantastic chance for you to gain additional information which you can add to your customer profiles!

Follow Up

follow-upIt’s very rare to close a sale after your first contact with a potential customer, so make sure you organise regular follow ups without bombarding consumers too much. Before ending the call tell them what you’ll do in the coming days or weeks and stick to your word! This will help boost your business reputation whilst establishing promising relationships!

For further information sourcing news leads and maximising your cold calling potential then feel free to contact UK Business Data.