Improve Your Prospecting With B2B Data Cleansing

Keep your B2B list clean

If your B2B marketing email list is one year old, chances are an incredible 30 per cent of the addresses don’t work any more. After two years without maintenance, as many as two-thirds of the addresses will bounce. Companies wind down, others start up, people move on and email lists suffer decay. If you don’t keep up, your marketing list will soon seem hopelessly out of date, every mailshot will mark another missed opportunity and a phone call can even land you in trouble. It is essential, therefore, to regularly cleanse your list.

We maintain an up-to-date database of over 3 million B2B data records. The database contains the names, direct email addresses and telephone numbers of decision makers.

It’s a legal thing

We perform 160,000 checks every month to keep our lists fresh and on the right side of the law. The Corporate Telephone Preference Service and The Fax Preference Service now make it illegal to make a direct marketing call or send a fax to a consumer, sole trader or, barring Scotland, a partnership that has registered with the scheme more than 28 days previous. The Information Commissioner’s Office is waiting to impose large fines on those flouting the law, so it’s essential to check the list against the current version of the TPS file every 28 days.

At UK Business Data we also hold the UK Postal Address File (PAF). With this we can authenticate business and residential addresses. Postal mail outs are expensive, so it’s important that every one lands on the right desk, on the right road. Our B2B postal list will save you money and make sure your message gets through.

B2B Data Cleansing – Don’t double up on email addresses!

On the electronic front, we also checks for duplicate addresses constantly, which helps keep unnecessary bloat from your list, saving you money, and preventing duplicate mails triggering spam filters that will stop your potential customer receiving your offers. If your mail hits the spam bin, it is a lost cause. We work tirelessly to give you that fighting chance.

As with lists of phone numbers, there are so-called Suppression Lists for email marketing. The Mail Preference Service (MPS) is a free service that enables people to ‘opt-out’ of unsolicited direct mail from reputable companies. There are other lists for those that have moved, died and, especially relevant for B2B email marketing, businesses that have relocated, taken another name or been wound up.

Drive-in wash and wipe

We offer B2B Data Cleansing and we can clean your list for you. Just send us the file and we’ll do the rest, bringing your contact list up to date and in line with the regulations.

It’s not just a case of striking names off, too. We can enhance your data, adding email addresses and phone numbers that you don’t have, as well as sales and company information that will help tailor your offers and proposals.

For more information on B2B data cleansing call us on 01254 311108, or fill in our online quote form and we’ll get right back to you!

Your marketing data list is one of the most cost-effective business development weapons in the arsenal. So whatever you do, keep it clean…