How To Define Your Target Audience

If you’re hoping to run a successful targeted marketing campaign then it’s important you know and understand your target audience in great detail. Knowing who they are, what they want and how they want it could prove to be the difference between completing that lucrative deal or seeing all your efforts go to waste.

But how exactly do you define your target audience? Here at UK Business Data we’ve come up with a number of key points and tips to consider…

Know What You Are Selling

Before even thinking about your target audience it’s important you understand the product or service you’re attempting to sell. Completing thorough research and knowing your product inside out will stand you in good stead! Failing to do your research and not knowing your product will instantly put potential buyers off, because let’s be honest, who’s going to buy a product that even the seller doesn’t have confidence in?

Knowing your product will give you a better picture of who’s going to be interested in product!

Decide Who You Are Targeting

TrainingOnce you know everything there is to know about your product it’s time to sit down and work out who’s going to be most interested in what you have to offer. Establishing the type of person or business that is most likely to purchase your products whilst ruling out those you already know won’t be interested will be hugely beneficial.

Selecting businesses in certain industries or targeting consumers with specific demographics such as age will not only save you money but man hours too. You’ll not waste time chasing dead leads and instead focus on those who have a genuine interest in your product or service.

Where Will Your Target Audience Look?

TragetEstablishing your target audience is quite simple, but knowing where and how they are purchasing products isn’t all that easy. In today’s day and age there are a wide range of platforms and channels for businesses and consumers to obtain their goods making your job ten times harder.

You need to conduct thorough research and find out how your target audience goes about buying their products! Do they do it online or offline? Via emails or letters? Adwords? Or none of the stated? Once you know this you’ll be able to tailor your marketing campaigns to meet the demands of your target audience!

Produce Customer Profiles

When conducting targeted marketing campaigns you can never have too much information regarding your target audience. Which is why we advise you to produce detailed Customer Profiles highlighting key details and information such as age, gender, location and income. Even go as far as including interests and hobbies, the more you know the better chance you’ll have of completing that lucrative sale!

Acquire Data

FreindlyYou can do all the research in the world, but if your data list is substandard then you’ll struggle to make the profits you’ve been dreaming of! Here at UK Business Data we provide data lists that are tailored to your target market and supplied in a variety of formats including email, telephone and mailing addresses. And because all our data is cleansed and checked on a regular basis you can have peace of mind knowing the data you are using is up to date and of the highest quality.

Learn From Previous Marketing Campaigns

Using previous marketing campaigns you can get a good idea of what worked and what didn’t. Up dating customer profiles with new information or changed details you’ll be able to accurately track each campaign, learn from your mistakes and monitor new trends!

For more information on defining your target audience or if you’d like to purchase B2B or B2C data then feel free to contact us today! We are constantly active on Twitter!