Five Ways to Approach Cold Leads

Cold leads are notoriously difficult to convert to customers, as they are prospective customers who may not be aware of your brand or product. You’re contacting them out of the blue and taking a chance that they’ll be interested, and it may not always work in your favour. Here are some of the best ways to approach cold leads.

Find good data leads

Good Data LeadsIt may seem like the obvious place to start, but finding good data leads is essential if you are to be successful in this kind of approach. Good data leads refer to names, job titles and contact details of potential customers. There are various ways to source leads, such as trade directories, doing the groundwork yourself by attending exhibitions, or buying leads from suppliers such as us. This last option is also the smartest, as you can choose the most valuable leads and business data that fits with your target market, and the kind of customer profile you’re trying to sell to. The better the fit, the more chance you’ll have of making a sale.

Don’t break the law

If your business holds any personal information about its customers, such as names, telephone numbers and addresses, you must ensure you comply with the Data Protection Act at all times. Be aware of the opt-out schemes such as the Telephone Preference Service, as people who have signed up to these approaches will not accept unsolicited calls, emails, letters or faxes. Buying data from a reputable and compliant company will ensure you stay within the law. All our business data is opt in and checked against TPS and CTPS records.

Have clear objectives

Clear ObjectivesConsider what you are trying to achieve by making contact with your leads. You may not get an immediate sale, but perhaps you could send a brochure, email, provide a quote or arrange a follow-up call. Buying smart data will give you an idea of the ways you can interact with potential customers. We can provide a range of data suited to your exact requirements, whether you require email marketing leads, telemarketing leads or postal data we can help!

Be prepared


Telephone Call

When you’re making cold calls, it’s important to have a sheet of prompts and messages you need to get across to a potential customer, avoiding the dreaded ‘mind blank’. Depending on how comfortable you are on the phone, a script can also help, but sticking to the same script every time can sound a little automated and unnatural. Staff who are cold calling on your company’s behalf should have good knowledge of the product or service they are trying to sell, as well as the company they are selling for.

Customer focus

You may have purchased valuable leads that meet your ideal customer profile, but now it’s time to listen to them. Don’t just have a one-way conversation where you try out your best pitch; ask them questions about their own issues to best relate your product or service to their needs.

If you need help sourcing new leads and guidance on the best way to approach them contact us today.