Consumer Data Buying Guide

In today’s day and age more and more businesses are opting to purchase consumer data lists to help target new markets and conduct marketing campaigns. Increasing brand awareness, whilst generating new sales is useful for businesses of all sizes both new and old. Therefore acquiring the best data possible is extremely important, which is why we’ve put together a few points to you through the process of purchasing consumer data…

Up to Date Data

Quality and reliability of any acquired data is, arguably, the most important factor. Having spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a data list nobody wants to be left with data that is out date. Which is why, here at UK Business Data, we conduct regular data checks, ensuring all the consumer data we provide is relevant and up to date. Regular checks allow us to offer extremely high deliverability guarantees, therefore you can rest assured that the data you are purchasing is of the highest quality and worth the money.

As the old saying goes you get what you pay for, so if you’re being quoted an incredibly low price then the likelihood is the data you will receive will be extremely poor. So it pays to pay that little bit extra!

Legitimate Data

Keeping your reputation in tact it’s vital you use data lists that have been acquired from a legitimate source with the correct data protection procedures. Here at UK Business Data all our data is fully compliant and checked against TPS.

Customer Profiling

ConversationThe key to acquiring a successful data list is conducting thorough, in depth research prior to buying your data. Knowing what you’re selling and who you’re targeting is vital in any marketing campaign.

Constructing a detailed customer profile containing as much information as possible regarding your target market can result in major benefits for your business and marketing campaign. Include basic demographics such as age, gender, location and income and if possible try to include any interests or hobbies! And remember you can never have too much information!

Buy Less More

Don’t go in all guns blazing. Do your homework on the data suppliers you’re looking to use and before buying an extensive data list ask for a sample. This will help you decide if the data being provided is what you’re looking for and, in some cases, could save you lots of time and more importantly money. However, it is worth noting that not all data samples will provide a true representation of the data lists actually provided, so be vigilant in your decision.

With this in mind we strongly recommend you buy less, more. By working this way you’ll decrease the risk of wasting money on a large data list that is no use to you!

Purchasing consumer data is a fantastic way of breaking into new markets and selling products to people all over the UK, and here at UK Business Data we can help you reach a potential 42 million consumers in 22 million households. So if you’d like more information on purchasing consumer data or the services we offer then feel free to contact us. Get in touch via Twitter.