B2B Telemarketing FAQs

What is B2B telemarketing? Telephone

Telemarketing is an integral part of any business. It helps to identify the key personnel at chosen companies, researches the potential of the latest products or new sales areas, gains appointments for sales people. It also helps your company keep in touch with the clientele by reminding them of special offers, or checking that they are satisfied with the product they received. Telemarketing proposes a way of reaching prospects and consumers, without the impracticality of visiting them to meet in person.

Can I replace my sales force with B2B telemarketing?

Telesales does not often replace the traditional sales person. While telesales allows your business to reach a larger audience, establishing rapport is difficult without eye contact. It is also impossible to give a demonstration over the telephone and the prospect can not see the product or try it out. It is easier to build relationships face to face and it can be important to see the client’s premises in order to get a sense for their personality or to evaluate their prospective for future business.


How do I know who to contact?

Contacting previous customers is simple, providing you have kept a customer database. Finding new contacts can be more difficult – however, you know that you are looking for more people with similar characteristics to your current customers. Here at UK Business Data we can supply verifed B2B telemarketing data based on the profile of your existing customers. Call us on 01254 311108 to learn more, or get a quote today.

Can I control how the phone calls develop?

You cannot control how the person at the other end of the line will respond, but a well-written script and the right approach will help to keep the call moving in the right direction. To achieve the best results, record your calls and refine your script to be responsive to the objections raised by those you call.

If you need anymore information on launching your own B2B telemarketing campaign then get in touch.