How to Make B2B Data Work for You

Information is the key to successful and effective participation in the business sector. Most small or medium-sized companies only spend about a third of their time on sales; the rest of the time is spend researching, doing administrative tasks, and making (often) fruitless phone calls.

It is possible to increase your sales time simply by adopting practices which make the most out of B2B data. We can help you do this!

We maintain an up-to-date database of over 3 million B2B data records. The database contains the names, sometimes hard-to-find direct email addresses and telephone numbers of decision makers and key information about the company itself, such as turnover and number of employees. Our team are specialists in B2B data and as such, know how important it is to keep records that are accurate and current.

What are the benefits of B2B data?

Finding contacts in the business sector can be difficult. It is not unusual for an individual to spend hours searching for contact information, only to find that the information is out of date or the person they were searching for has left the company. New and established businesses alike cannot afford to spend this amount of time searching when sales are of paramount importance. With B2B data, you can get access to millions of names and contact details of the people who make the buying decisions in businesses, meaning that you have more time to spend on your sales pitch and products.

Because of the high impact that B2B data use can have on a business’ turnover and profits, it is no wonder that so many business owners regard data as an important investment.

How is this better than keeping my own database?

Keeping your own database of contacts may seem like another way to keep costs down, but the reality of maintaining a database with so many records is anything but easy and convenient. It is estimated that B2B data decays, i.e. goes out of date, at a rate of 3% per month and checking all of the records takes hours. Even if you realise one record is out of date, you may need to ‘chase’ the information to find out where that contact went or who is going to replace them. Fortunately, we can do all of this hard-work for you; with over 160,000 updates a month, our service is value for money and leaves you with more time to spend on your sales.

Where can I get more information and advice?

You can find out more information on B2B Data right here on our website, as well as information on other services such as Email Marketing and Data Cleansing. Our experienced data consultants are available to give advice over the phone on 01254 311108 or you can contact us by email at

Our mission is to supply the most up to date, quality business records in the UK! Get a B2B Data quote now and find out how you can get access to over 3 million targeted B2B sales leads!