What You Need to Know Before Your Next B2B Data Purchase

When you need to purchase a large quantity of B2B data, there are many factors to consider that go beyond simple price comparisons.

The most important factor is the quality and the reliability of any acquired information, and we have a number of safeguards in place to ensure that you get the maximum value for your investment in useful marketing data.

1) B2B Data verification frequency.

When genuine and original data is sourced by a B2B data provider, the only guarantee is that it is 100% accurate at the time that it is extracted. Contact details can change frequently, here at UK Business Data our databases are refreshed every 28 days – which greatly reduces the risk of redundant and irrelevant information. This is a vital activity that is carried out with more than 160,000 verification phone calls per month.

2) Data guarantee.

Many B2B data lead providers are able to charge very low prices for their services because of a lack of a guarantee. To get the maximum value for money, invalid data needs to be kept at an absolute minimum, no guarantee means that there will always be a level of uncertainty. We run a number of procedures on a regular basis that keeps our databases clean and error-free, which means that we are able to offer extremely high deliverability guarantees – 85% on email addresses and 95% on postal addresses and telephone numbers.

3) Generic email addresses.

In an effort to cut costs, there are some B2B data providers that collect email addresses by taking public information from company websites. The end result is that purchased data only contains addresses such as info@…… and sales@…… These generic email addresses are of little use to the serious sales person, as they are likely to be filtered out at the first available opportunity – the message will probably never reach the key decision maker within the business. Here at UK Business Data we can supply the direct email addresses of decision makers – meaning your message gets to the person it’s supposed to.

4) The Telephone Preference Service / The Corporate Telephone Preference Service.

Although having data that is 100% accurate is a positive thing, many genuine telephone numbers are registered on one of these databases to avoid unwanted and unsolicited calls. If you were to call one of these ‘protected’ numbers with a sales call, you run the risk of getting a heavy fine. There have been cases where companies have been fined for every single illegal call, and so it is essential for the data provider to cross-reference phone numbers with these lists. ALL our data has already been vetted with this process.

5) Legitimate data sources.

To legally collect and store data, there are a considerable number of formalities that need to be adhered to. If your provider cannot be 100% certain that their data has come from a legitimate source with the correct data protection procedures, the reputation of your business will be in danger. We are entirely transparent about the entire process, and all data is sourced legally.

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