A Guide to SMS Marketing

The most promising endorsement of SMS marketing is probably in your pocket right now – and it’s most likely in the pocket of just about everyone you know as well. That promising endorsement is, of course, your mobile phone. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones, there is perhaps no better way to get in contact with your potential customers than through SMS marketing.

One Of The Most Direct Ways Of Marketing

MessagingSMS marketing is, in its simplest terms, the process whereby companies and businesses send text message advertisements directly to their customers’ phones. First starting back in the early 2000s, what we now know as SMS marketing began as a way for phone companies to provide information to their clients about billing and service updates. The practise was quickly revolutionised and today it is one of the most direct ways of offering coupons, deals and updates about all manner of subjects.

So with phones being in just about every pocket, and with texts being read, on average, within four minutes of arriving, there really is no reason NOT to look into a marketing strategy that makes use of text-technology.

The Benefits Are Mind Blowing

Though SMS marketing is more closely monitored than email marketing or flyering, its benefits are beyond almost anything else you could instigate as a marketing manager or business owner. Do bear in mind that there are some rules that you need to comply by at all times, but with the expertise of a company like UKBD you are sure to remain within your legal means whilst being provided with one of the most comprehensive and in-depth services available; one that is tailor-fitted to your business or company.

High Quality Data

With 2.5 million business records, 3 million contacts and 650,000 email addresses, UKBD is undoubtedly one of the best ways for you to boost your marketing strategy and overall presence.


On top of that, UKBD offers services backed by years of experience across hundreds business-types and industries. By their very nature, SMS marketing campaigns can be difficult to gauge and track, but you don’t need to worry with a company like UKBD that has time and time again proven itself to be a brilliant service provider for any business or company.

A Fantastic Investment

There are few more effective media marketing strategies than SMS marketing, and using UKBD’s established methods of text-message marketing campaigns is sure to be a brilliant investment in building a better marketing strategy and, in turn, a better business for the future. Our staff are experts in the field and our services and resources are second to none, so there really is no better way of boosting your business on to the next level.

Suitable For All Industries

Using Mobile

So from fast-food services to charities, and on to gym memberships and hairdressers, UKBD can guarantee – no matter what your business or industry – that they can help you achieve new heights. So for an SMS marketing strategy that is sure to deliver results that you can be proud of, visit UKBD or contact us for more information. We are fully compliant and B2B ready, and our services are sure to open up a world of opportunities.