3 easily avoidable telemarketing mistakes

Telemarketing is an excellent way to increase sales leads and opportunities, provided it is articulated in the right way. With profit margins under pressure and businesses trying to ensure they stay ahead of their competition, outbound methods, including telemarketing, can help to both sell and proactively engage with prospective customers. However, it is essential that campaigns are undertaken correctly, and there are some easily avoidable telemarketing mistakes. Here are three common telemarketing mistakes and how to avoid them:

data1. Working With Poor Quality, Out of Date, Telemarketing Data

Whether you’re setting appointments, undertaking a lead generation project, or list building, low grade telemarketing data will have a significant negative impact on the success of the telemarketing campaign. Your telemarketing database is central to your call activity and it is important that you careful review all data to ensure it’s correct.

To avoid this common telemarketing mistake, purchase up-to-date telemarketing data from a reputable telemarketing list supplier who has extensive experience of handling campaign data. In addition, undertake a pre-use telemarketing data check, before beginning your telemarketing campaign. Review whether the data is correct, check you have the right contact information, and ensure that your list has been guaranteed for accuracy by the supplier.

Also, ensure that your telemarketing data matches your overall campaign objectives. After all, there is no point in calling people based in Ipswich, when you want to target those in Plymouth, so make sure your data doesn’t include any irrelevant postcodes. Remember that you will need enough records to successfully meet the campaign aims and to comfortably keep the call pipeline full.

list2. Not Putting Relevant Data Onto a ‘Do Not Call’ List

A lot of experienced telemarketers still commit this common mistake. Scrubbing your telemarketing list is vital, particularly if you or your telemarketing company uses an auto dialer. If you don’t regularly scrub your data, you could end up calling people who have already specifically asked not to be called again. Even if it is a mistake, you could be fined. To avoid this, always update your lists and purchase your telemarketing data from a reputable supplier who updates their lists regularly.

research3. Not Researching And Verifying The Person You Are Calling

Last but not least, one of the most common telemarketing mistakes in our list is not researching enough about the person to be called and not verifying whom you are speaking to. When calling your B2B telemarketing list, it is relatively easy to do some research on your caller, thanks to the web and social media. Any additional data, gleaned from research or included on your purchased list, such as size of the company, number of employees, or how long the business has been in operation, can help to build that initial rapport. It also helps to make your telemarketing campaign far more targeted and can speed up a call.

The other huge mistake that is commonly made is to not make the right introduction to the person you are making the call. Even the most experienced telemarketer can forget to state the company they work for, or even give their name, let alone giving the scripted introduction.

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