Your B2C Email Marketing Guide

Surveys have shown that the majority (75 per cent) of consumers resent a brand after being bombarded by emails from them, and are further put off if they’re addressed by the wrong name or gender. Getting B2C email marketing right, therefore, is clearly of vital importance.

Use B2C marketing data intelligently

Marketers can gather so much data on consumers, but they must learn to use this data wisely when it comes to email marketing; not just staying within the lines of the law, but also practising respect and not being too in-your-face, to avoid pushing away their target market.

The least marketers can do is to get their intended recipient’s name right, but there are other ways they can be more appealing to consumers, such as creating custom, interesting and relevant messages that will keep consumers from clicking the ‘spam’ button, unsubscribing, or just ignoring altogether.

Go for effective email campaigns

Try to look at things from the subscriber’s point of view. Find out what they like, and even go so far as to collaborate on content and strategy so that you’ll deliver something truly focused on the subscriber that engages and offers them something they’ll actually want.

See how your consumers respond to your B2C marketing, and adjust your methods accordingly. If they sign up for news and information, don’t send constant offers with very little other content.

Take on the role of editor – think of new ways to make your emails exciting – you might even attract more interest, such as content from a social program, despite the consumer not being actually engaged with your brand on a social platform.

Utilise B2C data analysis

Continually test the data you’re gathering on a regular basis, and put it to good use. Be innovative, not just with content but also with frequency and the type of message you’re sending out to consumers. Monitor what works and what doesn’t. Technology should be your friend, so look at the various automation and campaign management software on offer.

B2C Data analysis can offer a big boost to your B2C email marketing campaign, so use it well and you’ll see rewards in terms of higher ROI. Try mining the response data to allow you to see which messages generate the biggest response, and then automate them – as long as you keep it fresh, you’ll garner that interest and could see up to fifty times the normal response rate – impressive, huh?

Adding just a few highly relevant messages into your program can also add a ‘prior value’ factor, so you’ll in turn see a better response on all your messages. Adding a new trigger automation message on a monthly basis, along with consistently tweaking the ones you’re already using.


While research has shown B2C email marketing recipients are mostly unforgiving when it comes to errors on personal details, they are also reluctant to share those personal details to start with. The key to tackling these problems is finding the right balance by being engaging, relevant, responsive and innovative in your campaigns and using opt in B2C email marketing data.

That’s where we come in, we can provide you with fully opt in B2C email marketing data that includes more than 340 variables including socio-economic, demographic and behavioural insights.