Why Profiling Your Customers is Essential

Creating a customer profile is vital to gaining the relevant information you need to generate business from new and existing customers.

The key to successful selling is understanding and knowing your existing customers. Utilising the information you already have the easier it is to obtain repeat business and extra information to help find new customers.

TragetCustomer Profile

Specific businesses require precise data and here at UK Business Data we are specialists in obtaining data tailored to your exact needs. Whether you sell to individual consumers and want to know their age, gender, location and income or deal with other businesses and want to know their number of employees, the sector they work in and how much they are spending we guarantee to provide the data you require.

Communicating with current and potential customers is vital to gaining more information. It’s impossible to obtain business from your customers without understand and knowing their requirements.

Build up a Database


Creating a database of information about your current customers is an effective way of tracking their actions. Monitoring what and how they purchased will allow you to pinpoint specific customers further down the line for repeat business. Analysing and highlighting customers who regularly make large orders can also enhance this.

Attempt to include as much information as possible and include feedback relating to how highly customers rate your products or services.

Grouping Customers Together

Grouping customers with similar interests into market segments allows you to target each group with different offers and products customised to meet their requirements.

You can never know too much

The more you know about a potential customer the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products. Existing customers can guide you to new ones, by looking for similar prospects you can sell related products in the same way.

If you’d like more information on how your business can benefit from attaining new customers then feel free to get in touch.