How to Find (and Retain!) New Customers

Every business is constantly searching for new customers. The most successful businesses, however, look for targeted customers – and they use business data to find them.

TimeTrial and error is no longer viable for any business aiming to be truly successful, regardless of the field of activity. Without clear and reliable data on which to base a customer research project, not only will money be wasted but more importantly, the valuable time lost in trying to randomly increase a customer base can never be retrieved.

Target the right type of customer

Successfully targeting the right type of customer – and doing so efficiently – can mean the difference between commercial success and failure, regardless of whether your business is large or small, old or new.

ConnectedIn today’s marketplace, finding new customers means knowing who to talk to and how to reliably contact the individual concerned; be that by email or by calling them on the telephone.

The use of direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing can also be hugely successful but only if the mailing list used is current, accurate and specifically targeted.

Utilise high quality data

It follows then that having access to the highest quality data could dramatically increase sales for any business.

In the modern business world, there is simply no time for ‘hit or miss’ customer research. Without accurate and up to date business data, in house resources can be stretched to breaking point. The inevitable result of not using current and reliable business data is a loss of sales, loss of potential customer referrals and a reduction in long term profitability.

When trying to get new customers, the benefits to any business of using targeted, well researched and verified business data obtained from a reliable source, cannot be overstated.

Man on PhoneThe time and resources saved by not having to research and collect such data internally, the fact that the data is checked and verified before you receive it, plus the advantage of having the information at your fingertips whenever you need it, makes using business data to find new customers an essential tool in today’s business world.

Imagine the advantage of knowing precisely who to contact, the current performance of your target customer and any changes that have been made to their key personnel. Imagine also the benefits of having a set of business data prepared specifically for the purpose of finding new, targeted customers.

Used properly, having access to such high quality business data enables any business to find new customers more easily and more efficiently.