Five Essential B2C Telemarketing tips

Although business-to-consumer telemarketing can be tough to master, the benefits you can reap can be quite staggering. Many companies use telemarketing to reach out to a greater target audience enhancing their chances of obtaining more consumer information and more importantly extra sales! But with hundreds of companies looking to target the same market how can you stand out from the rest? Here are five essential B2C telemarketing tips…     

Do your research

Target Audience

Before making any calls it’s imperative to have identified your target audience. Failing to do so will only result in wasted time, which nobody wants! Identify specific demographics and preferences to build up a customer profile. By doing this you can then obtain specific data leads from suppliers such as us, which will help you understand your customer’s needs and requirements. The more you know about a customer the more chance you have making that elusive sale.

Don’t be Morbid


It might seem obvious but being friendly and polite is essential to being successful when it comes to B2C telemarketing. It’s difficult the best of times to keep consumers on the other end of the line so ensure you adopt a friendly and polite manner to help potential customers feel at ease. But don’t over do it! Being too friendly can be just as off putting as being rude so it’s good to find a balance.

Correctly pronouncing difficult names can also make your callers feel more comfortable. If you’re unsure on the correct pronunciation then don’t be scared to ask, consumers typically prefer for you to get their name correct than continue the phone call with the wrong pronunciation.

Let Consumers Have a Say


Remember, a conversation is a two-way thing! So don’t overload consumers with the sound of your voice. Interact with them, ask them questions about their day, but try and stay in touch with the main focus of the phone call, the sale.

Conversing with your clients will not only make them feel comfortable, but it’s a fantastic way of sourcing more information. And as we discussed earlier the more information you have regarding potential customers the easier it is to make a sale.

However, not all customers enjoy openly chatting to strangers. Which is why it’s up to you, the telemarketer, to keep the conversation flowing. Don’t allow there to be any awkward pauses or moments of silence. Open-ended questions are perfect for not only creating a positive experience but they also give consumers the chance to voice their feelings and, ultimately, provide additional information, which could work in your favour.

Don’t Veer Off Track

No matter how comfortable you are on the phone it’s always good to have a script or prompt sheet to refer back to. Slightly adjusting this for each consumer will ensure you don’t become robotic and monotonous when on the phone. Being enthusiastic about the products you are selling and knowing your stuff is key to making a sale.

Having a script by your side allows you to stay focused on the main goal at all times, so even if you veer away from the main topic of conversation, which is more than likely, the script will provide you with pointers and prompts to regain the emphasis of the conversation.

Data Protection ActBe Ethical

Whatever you do, don’t overlook ethical issues. It’s essential you comply with the Data Protection Act at all times, especially if your business holds personal information about its customers.

Opt-out schemes such as the Telephone Preference Service enable people to sign up and exclude themselves from receiving cold calls, emails and letters. Here at UK Business Data we ensure all our data is checked against TPS and CPS records, ensuring you stay within the law. Don’t get caught out!