Define Your Target Audience in 5 Easy Steps

Defining your target audience is vital to any successful marketing campaign, therefore it’s important you carry out extensive market research to highlight the people and businesses most likely to show an interest in your products or services.

You could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t know your target audience the quality of your product is irrelevant! But don’t worry, we’ve come up with 5 easy steps that will help you define your target audience…

1.Decide Who You Are Targeting

Target Market

It might go without saying but the first thing you need to establish is the type of person or business most likely to be interested in your product or service! Knowing who is going to buy your products is vital if your campaign is to be successful!

2.Produce a Detailed Customer Profile

Once you’ve highlighted a sector you need to dig further, using as much information as possible attempt to build a detailed customer profile.  Include basic demographics such as age, gender, location and income and if possible try to include any interests or hobbies!

You can never have too much information regarding your target audience.

Buy Now3. Where will your audience look

So you’ve done the easy part and established who your target audience is, now it’s time to find out where and how they are purchasing their products. And with a diverse range of channels available this is a lot harder than it sounds.

You need to establish whether your target audience is buying their products online and/or offline? Do they open emails and texts, click on Adwords, respond to emails and letters or none of these?

4.Learn and Develop

Pay close attention after you’ve completed your market research. Consider the types of people and businesses buying your products and use this to your advantage for future marketing campaigns.

5. Acquire Data Specific to Your Target Audience


Once you understand your target audience in depth you can purchase data tailored to your specifications. And here at UK Business Data we are able to provide outstanding data that will enable you and your company to flourish.  We have the abilities to provide data in a variety of formats including email, telephone and mailing addresses whilst also tailoring it to a specific target audience.

For more information on how UK Business Data can help with your marketing campaign feel free to contact us.