5 Tips to Motivate Your Telemarketing Team

Are you struggling to get the best out of your telemarketing team? Check out these 5 simple tips to get your team heading in the right direction.

Internal Training

TrainingProvide your team with on the job training to help improve their telemarketing skills. Structured one-to-one sessions can be used to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Recording previous calls and playing them back highlighting improvements can help influence the best practice!

Understand the brand

Make sure all your team members are educated and up-to-date with all the latest news regarding your business and your products. There’s nothing worse than a telemarketer attempting to make a pitch without knowing all the relevant information.

So take time to educate your employees, because you’ll reap the rewards later down the line.

Your obligations towards your outsourced

If you’re saving money and outsourcing your telemarketing needs then fantastic, but don’t forget those telemarketers are still representing your company. Therefore make sure you provide them with all the correct information and means to fulfill their job.

Provide your outsourced telemarketers with a legally compliant contact list, failing to do so could lead to your business reputation suffering somewhat.


GoalsIt might seem obvious but reward success! Set your employees achievable goals and reward them accordingly.

Internal competitions between teams are perfect for driving results. Alternative personal incentives such as promotion prospects are also fantastic for maximising your telemarketing potential.

Lead by example

Lead from the front! It’s the most effective way to motivate your team members. Don’t sit behind the desk cracking the whip all day, get out onto the floor and show your telemarketers how it’s done.

This method benefits both yourself and your telemarketers. It’s fantastic for you to experience the pressures your telemarketing team is under and alternatively it shows your telemarketers that you are not ‘too good’ to pick up the phone. So roll your sleeves up, get out onto the frontline and show your telemarketers what you can do.

See getting the most out of your telemarketing team is a breeze. Use these 5 simple steps and you’ll soon see your telemarketing team flourish.