5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

For your campaign to be successful your B2B data needs to be the bees knees – it should be up to date, clean, compliant and correctly targeted. All too often companies are duped into using sub standard data, and are left suffering the ill effects of a poor campaign.

We’ve devised five campaign critical questions you need to ask your data provider:

  1. How regularly is the data verified? Regular cleaning and verification of business data is essential to ensure your data is up to date, your supplier should aim to update their databases on a monthly basis – via new feeds, data streams and verification calls.
  2. Is your data guaranteed? If your data provider offers deliverability guarantees on their data then you can be pretty confident that the data is up to date and accurate, giving you complete peace of mind that the data you buy will be successful.
  3. Are your email addresses specific named contacts or generic? Be careful when sourcing email addresses, if you’re looking for direct email addresses of named contacts then make sure you check that your data provider can supply this. Many data providers can only offer generic sales@ or info@ addresses.
  4. Are your telephone numbers suppressed against the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Preference Service? Contact a business who have registered with the telephone preference service and you could end up with a costly fine.
  5. How is your data sourced? A supplier should always be able to tell you where the data is collected. Don’t gamble your reputation and your marketing budget on an unknown entity.

Don’t get stung on your next campaign, make sure your data provider is able to answer these all important questions and enjoy the success of your next campaign!